Gregory (maddholly) wrote in eoh,

jigga what, jigga who

calm your A down, just take a seat now
MH is in this house, playa take a bow
i got yo lady screamin wow
cuz i dont take ess
i rock pace high with the most finess
i hate that girl by the name of casesse
naw eff that lemme take a step back im ready to crack just call me the lax
can i get a "eff a bax"
ever since i came into this game, throwin down a show with payn, makin all these haters look lame, holla back what a shame
you think i give an eff, mess around and take two to the chest, i might take everyone down, leavin no one left
now let me go play some Morrowind, dont even try sucka ... i win
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